João Classics. Passion for Classic Cars

Established early eighties, João & Ca Lda was founded by Antero Lopes in the city of Porto, Portugal. The core business was the trade and import of auto parts, taking advantage of a vast experience in the automobile industry, namely in the British cars when he worked to a local representation of British Leyland.

Over the years, in a gradual way, it became specialized in parts and services for the restoration of classic cars, an activity that it currently maintains.

This passion for automobiles was passed on to his two sons, Nelson and José, who focused their careers on Business Management and Mechanical Engineering. However, this bond has always united them and has resulted more recently in the creation of their own collection of classic and pre-classic cars that have somehow marked them throughout their lives.

We buy, restore, use and now they’re at your disposal to enjoy and have fun like we do.

It is exactly this collection that we present here for all those who share the same passion.

Automobile Art Collection
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