Matra | Murena

The Matra Murena owns a set of very relevant innovations to the time. Lesser than 11,000 were produced in all versions.

Model based on the Bagheera, the Murena updated and fixed what was less good, such as suspension, more powerful engine, corrosion problems and 5-speed gearbox.

It was the first car to have as standard the fully galvanized chassis, which combined with fiber glass body panels, gives it ruggedness against corrosion.

Another significant innovation for the time was the design. Clearly avant-garde has the 0,328 cd, by far a record at the time, but the model most striking feature was the central engine configuration with rear-wheel drive and the original three front seats.

The model is from 1982 Red Mephisto color.

The car has been completely overhauled. The mechanical interventions included the change of the entire engine cooling system with new piping and radiator repair, engine and gearbox overhaul, semi-axle repair, braking and damping system  etc.

All body was revised including chassis protection renewal and body interiors, maintaining the original cloth.

In summary, the Matra Murena is fully restored and perfectly functional.

This is an opportunity to enjoy a classic sports car with a central engine, reliable, economical and innovative.


Year: 1981
Motor: 1.592 cm3
Performance: 67.5 KW / 91 HP
Seats: 3
Acceleration: 11 s
Gear box: Manual 5 gears
Color: Red Mephisto
Interior: Houndstooth red
Kilometers: 141.000
Production number: 5.640 (1.6)
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