BMW | E9 3.0 CSI

The E9 model corresponds to the Grand Tourer range coupés produced by BMW between 1968 and 1975 by direct replacement of the 2000 C / CS. These Neue Klasse, as they became known, underwent profound changes in this transition, passing from 4 to 6 cylinder engines, now integrated into a larger body and a redesigned front, creating the baselines identifiers for all BMW successor models.

The version here presented is the most powerful evolution, with a 2.986cc engine and Bosch D-Jetronic electronic injection system, generating 200cv.

Sold in Portugal in 1974, 26 units are still currently known in Portugal. We bought it in a "pure" and totally original state. From the thickness of the paint, the car was repainted once and never had any accidents. The care of the former owners allowed to keep the bodywork without any rusting, something very rare in these cars. Its originality is evidenced by having all the factory stickers on both the windshield and the engine compartment. It also features the original Becker México radio and air conditioning, rare at the time.

We have decided to take the car to a higher level by performing an extensive mechanical overhaul on E9 Portuguese specialists, the RS Garage, namely: engine, transmission, suspensions, braking system, hydraulics, air conditioning and new exhaust system. In addition, the wheels were refurbished and applied Dunlop Sport Classic tires.

The car is now at an extraordinary level, combining some aesthetic elements patine with the reliability, robustness and originality required.


Year: 01 / 1974
Motor: 2.986 cm3
Performance: 149 kW / 200 HP
Seats: 4
Acceleration: 7.5 s
Gear box: Manual 4 gears
Color: Baikal metallic
Interior: Brown
Production number: 7.935
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