The BMW E31 was developed to be the first generation of the 8 series. It is a Grand Tourer produced from 1990 to 1999 and not a replacement for the 6 series E24, but rather aiming at a more elitist market with an unparalleled performance. With a development record investment, it stands out with its aggressive silhouette, aerodynamic lines, powerful and robust V8 and V12 engines, the first electronic drive-by-wire throttle, and the first multi-link rear axle.

The very special version here presented is an 850CSI developed by BMW Motorsport (M) which comes equipped with an enhanced version of the standard V12 M70 powerplant. Additionally, it has a tuned chassis for best handling and comes with a set of unique aesthetic items. Only 1,510 cars were built in just over 3.5 years of production, out of a total of 30,621, making it an extremely rare car today.

It was produced in 1993 and imported to Portugal in 2002. It has the German factory configuration, corresponds to the Motorsport-enhanced M70 powerplant version with 381 HP, matching numbers and colors and in excellent state. It underwent an extensive mechanical overhaul, other small fixies and finally interior and exterior detailing.

In short, it is an extraordinary piece of German engineering, extremely rare and providing a unique driving experience.

Year: 01 / 1993
Motor: 5,576 cm3
Performance: 280 KW / 381 HP
Seats: 4
Acceleration: 5,3 s
Gear box: Manual 6 gears
Color: Diamant-schwarz
Interior: Buffalo Leather
Kilometers: 126.500
Production number: 1.510
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